About Zeolite
A large number of cavities and channels of the zeolite crystals make zeolite have very big specific surface area, and can form an electrostatic attraction with a special crystal structure, which has zeolite generate considerable stress field and strong absorption property (can replace the existing wood activated carbon) .
The positive ions like K +, N a +, Ca2 +, etc. in Zeolite are not very closely and tightly combined with the crystallized structure,and it has the property of reversibly exchange with other positive ions in an aqueous solution Therefore it is much easily to make exchange interaction with positive ions around.
The catalytic property of zeolite is showed when some reaction substance is on the cavity surface of zeolite crystals, the reaction rate will accelerate, and the new substance formed by the reaction can be released and diffused from the zeolite inside, while ensure the zeolite crystalized structure not destroyed.And thus zeolite has the catalytic property.
The channels and cavities in the zeolite have with precise and constant diameter under physical and chemical conditions, which can adsorb this substance with smaller diameter, and exclude those with larger diameter and therefore it can screen molecules.

zeolite can react with a strong acid for two hours below 100℃with the crystal structure not destroyed; and Zeolite is stable in "aqua regia".

        Due to the excellent properties of zeolites, it has been widely used in foreign countries, especially in Japan, in the field of environmental protection, soil remediation, water treatment, green building materials, health care, daily light industry, petrochemicals, defense electronics and other fields.