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Soil remediation event driven industry development

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Recently, the Ministry of environmental protection bursts of four soil testing standards, Hunan issued remediation of contaminated soil new standard fill the remediation of heavy metal contaminated soil standard blank, Hunan is to build database of heavy metal pollution and so on. The government attaches great importance to the high level of soil pollution control curtain officially opened.

Hebei village strange disease frequent events, Shanghai off-site sewage ", Tianjin 8.12 big bang, often poison and so on major outbreak, forced the government introduction of top-level design to accelerate soil conservation standards, regulations and policy system to fill the depressions of the legal system. Recently, the Ministry of environmental protection four bursts of soil testing standards. Hunan introduced soil pollution remediation new standard to fill the heavy metal contaminated soil remediation standards blank, but also to build a database of heavy metal pollution. The government attaches great importance to the high level of soil pollution control curtain officially opened.

First, the status of soil pollution is serious

The shocking situation of soil pollution in China, the total soil exceed the standard rate of 16.1%. Inorganic heavy metals (mainly cadmium, nickel, arsenic, followed by copper, mercury, lead, chromium, zinc) dominated, accounting for 82.8% of all excessive points. Organic pollutants (666, DDT, PAHs) and compound pollution of. Soil pollution mainly includes site pollution, farmland pollution, mine pollution, watershed pollution. Farmland pollution is the most serious, the standard rate of over 19.4%. Before the day, the Ministry of environmental protection statistics of China's annual net reduction of arable land area of 10.73 hectares. The existing soil erosion area of 294.9 square kilometers, accounting for 31.1% of the total area of the census. Pollution is very serious.

Two, the pollution situation forced the top design to accelerate the promotion

In 2015, the central government to support 30 local key areas of heavy metal remediation and remediation of 37 heavy metal contaminated soil remediation and demonstration projects. Issued a special fund of 36 yuan; in April 2016 the central government budget for the new soil pollution prevention special projects 90.89 yuan, an increase of 145.6%. In June 2016, Hunan province took the lead in the introduction of local standards, "heavy metal contaminated site soil remediation standards" to fill the gaps in the standard of soil remediation. At the same time, "Hubei province soil pollution prevention and control regulations" in October, the official implementation. Beijing local environmental documents also clear to 2020 basically realize the ecological environmental monitoring network of large data on environmental quality testing of the full coverage. May 2016 at the end of the promulgation of the "soil ten" clear liberalization of the service monitoring market, monitoring points to increase the construction of the network and monitoring the positive monitoring of enterprises. Recently, the Ministry of environmental protection, the Ministry of environmental protection before the approval of the "soil electrical conductivity of the electrode method" and other 4 soil testing standards, the formal implementation of the August 1st. In addition, the soil pollution prevention law is expected to introduce in 2017. A variety of government introduced top-level design to further promote the soil remediation market.

Three, soil remediation industry market development

Chinese soil remediation market is still in its infancy, accounting for less than 0.01% of the domestic GDP ratio, far below the level of development in Europe and the United States 0.3%. Compared with the United States and Europe, respectively, 30283 and 80700 contaminated sites have been repaired, the number of sites in our country has been repaired not more than 200. Although the number of enterprises engaged in soil remediation business in 2015 than in 2014 doubled to more than 900, but accounted for 8820 of the country's environmental protection industry accounted for only 3.7%. Therefore, China's soil remediation market prospects.

It is estimated that China's potential market for soil remediation is about 16.54 trillion yuan of blue ocean to be developed, to be repaired contaminated sites more than 50 million. Assuming 30% governance, the average single block processing area of 1 square meters, with a depth of 4 meters, the stock of pollution control needs of nearly 60 cubic meters of contaminated sites. According to repair 1 yuan / cubic meter, it is estimated that about 6000000000000 of the market, the soil contaminated area of 3.83 acres to be repaired. Conservative in accordance with 2.5 million yuan / mu estimates, arable fields will get 9.58 trillion yuan market, repairing mine repair stock restoration of mine area to be about 12 million hectares with the assumption that the processing depth 4 m, stock management demand up 48 billion cubic meters, according to 200 yuan / cubic meter conservative forecast, mine is 0.96 trillion yuan market.

In addition, the soil monitoring market will be the first to benefit from the cake. Currently engaged in environmental monitoring of only more than and 200 companies, market concentration is relatively strong, huge space for development. To 2018 before the end of the year to find out the area and distribution of agricultural soil pollution and its influence on the quality of agricultural products in China, soil remediation priority is "to find out the family property. 2016 intends to increase the risk of 7000 points and the establishment of 15.2, 000 production safety monitoring point of origin. Environmental quality testing equipment and pollution source monitoring equipment sales growth of about 25% of the calculation, the short-term soil testing market is about 1000 yuan, the future growth trend is expected to continue.

China's soil remediation industry has entered the stage of technical research and development demonstration. Perfection of the compensation mechanism and other supporting policies will also be a full landing long-term business models such as PPP, environmental contract services, land transfer and other emerging business models continue to innovate. At the same time, the Ministry of environmental protection is a reference to the United States super fund to establish special funds for the protection of governance and restoration of funding sources. In addition, environmental monitoring industry is also formally fully flowering.

Original title: soil remediation explosive event driven industry development