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The company gathered a number of domestic and foreign scientific research institutes, tertiary institutions a number of scientific research experts.

  • Zeolite mask

  • Pure handmade soap


Product Function
Zeolite natural mask made by the rare natural zeolite with strong ion exchange and adsorption dual function, which can adsorption of harmful substances from the skin and also help activate rich nutrients of the mask to make skin fresh and comfortable.

ŸImprove facial sores and skin texture. Remove skin keratin and tighten pores, maintaining skin elasticity.
ŸStrong anti-inflammatory and antibacterial function to make skin healthier.
ŸDeep cleaning pores, removal pollutants such as heavy metals due to long-term use of cosmetics(e.g. lead) and toxins (such as cigarettes and second-hand cigarette nicotine abuse, invisible pollen), it act as skin detoxification and purification function.

How to use:
After clean face, apply the mask onto face, be careful to avoid the eyes and lips. Leave it until become dry and wash it off using warm water.