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The company gathered a number of domestic and foreign scientific research institutes, tertiary institutions a number of scientific research experts.

Zeolite technology with low cost, fast performance, no secondary pollution, eco-friendly!

The natural zeolite is compounded by a special process, which fully stimulates the unique characteristics and functions of natural zeolite and has special effects on the compacted soil, secondary salinized soil, heavy metal-contaminated soil, and radioactive sites.


Saline-alkali Soil Adjustment


Special crystal structure endows Zeolite with strong adsorption and ion exchange ability, which can adsorb sodium, chloride in the soil and adjust soil pH value to near neutral, and thus improve the soil environment.

With theincrease of positive ion exchange, the water-retention, and sustained fertilizer-release capacity of soil, the soil will be further improved accordingly. The product has advantages of low management cost, simple application method, quick effect, etc. and can adjust the soil pH value to near neutral.

Comprehensive treatment with multiple effects: zeolite product shows obvious seedling protection and yield increase effects in improving soil fertility, and saline-alkali soil.

Guotoushengshi experimental demonstration results showed that soil surface water content increased 2-3%, total salt content reduced by 40-50%, soil capacity decreased by 4.2-6.9%, and porosity increased by 2.3-3.7%.