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The company gathered a number of domestic and foreign scientific research institutes, tertiary institutions a number of scientific research experts.

GTSS launched the “Pure Mulan” zeolite green building material. The product has the functions of zero formaldehyde, breathing, strong adsorption, the effect of natural oxygen bar. The product is non-toxic, safe and reliable, which has been authenticated by the national authoritative professional association. And it can be applied to different kinds of interior walls. Zeolite green building material is authenticated by the Construction Materials Industry Technology Surveillance Research Center of China, which is nationally authoritative. All functions tested meet or exceeds the national standards. GTSS investment in the preparation of the ‘Zeolite Green Building Material’ is the only domestic zeolite wall materials standards (there is no national standards or industry standards), which has pass the expert review and record of government.


"GTSS" works with many scientific research institutions inside and outside the United Nations.
After many years of efforts, finally developed, the luxury goods that truly belongs to the Chinese.

Truly Achieving “Luxury Products” that from Europe, America, Japan, and South Korea - Entering Chinese People's Houses
National unified price (RMB) 198-998 RMB/